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#1 “by the river”-cinnamon-Keona Elise
#1 “by the river”--Keona Elise
#1 “by the river”--Keona Elise
#1 “by the river”-beige-Keona Elise
#1 “by the river”--Keona Elise
#1 “by the river”-jade green-Keona Elise

#1 “by the river”

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all earrings are hand sculpted + painted in southwest missouri and are made from polymer clay with titanium earring studs sculpted into the clay. each earring is handmade and are all painted with a unique layout, so please be mindful of slight variations in make from the product pictures.

you will receive your unique hand painted earrings within 2 weeks!

i can’t wait to get these babes in your hands 😍


  • approximate length: 6 1/2”
  • approximate width: 5”


    • 0.36 oz (lightweight🙌🏻)


    • titanium stud
    • polymer clay