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the u-Earrings-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Transparent-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Speckled Grey-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Opal-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Turnip-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Mustard Gold-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Black-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Red Pomegranate-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Spanish Moss-titanium post-Keona Elise
the u-Earrings-Cinnamon-titanium post-Keona Elise

the u

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all earrings are handmade in southwest missouri and are sculpted from polymer clay with titanium earring studs sculpted into the clay. since each earring is handmade, please be mindful of slight variations in make from the product pictures.

earrings are made to order. sculpting begins the first + second week of the month you ordered your earrings and are shipped out the last two weeks of the month. 

i can’t wait to get these babes in your hands! 



    • approximate length: 2 1/2" (measured from the bottom of the U to the top of the circle stud.)
    • approximate width: 1 1/2"


      • titanium stud
      • polymer clay


      these babes are so lightweight, i sometimes forget i’m wearing them 😍